10 Steps to Boost your Bridal Beauty Regime

Now that you are engaged and planning your Big Day, it is important to emphasize on your beauty ahead of time. It is the time to plan and execute your beauty routine. We have got some professional advice and here we offer you the tips that help you look best on and after your wedding day.

1. Schedule Regular Manicures

Once you get engaged, you spend most of your time showing your ring. So you should keep your nails and fingers beautiful weekly manicures. Shape your nails, experiment new colors and get your hands an elegant look.

2. Work o ut

Working out on a daily basis is a necessity. Exercising will help your body get rid of toxins and turn firm and tight. A proper workout will help you lose extra weight, boost your energy and keep you happy.

3. Whiten your Teeth

Every bride would want to show pearly white teeth on all the beautiful pictures of the big day. You can use toothpaste with special whitening agents. You can even try white strips.

4. Lift

Weight lifting is a good addition to your workout routine. Simple dumbbells get you toned arms. You can ask for trainer guided weight lifting for better results.

5. Eat Healthy

If possible, keep away from sodium, sugar and processed foods. These will lead to bloating and belly fat. Rather consume fruits, vegetables and water in large proportion so as to clear off your skin and avoiding cravings. Also, stay away from carbs and alcohol because they can also be harmful for your beauty.

6. Smoothen Y our Face

Start with a primer. Its daily use will get you a smooth face for foundation. You can also try a dehydrating facial serum on a daily basis to get a smooth, soft skin. Three months before the wedding date, you can schedule monthly facials. This treatment is known to make your face bright and clear.

7. Shape Y our Brows

Professionals at beauty salons can be advised for your brow shape. They even suggest the best shape for your face. You can choose threading over waxing for precise results. Start six months before the wedding to get the shape of your desire. Schedule the last session a month before in case you need any areas to grow for changes.

8. Concentrate on Lips

Care for your lips by applying lip balm coating every night before sleep. Use a wet cloth to rub the balm in a circular motion over the lips to soften and exfoliate them. Choose a glossy lip on your big day. Apply gloss over the lipstick for a nice cover up of any imperfections.

9. Get a Makeup Test

Hair trials and makeup trials are very important before the wedding. Get the makeup trial run three months before the actual day. This is when you will be able to fine-tune your look with the help of your professional artist and decide the look for your big day.

10. Plan out Hair Removal

Patches of hair above your upper lips may not be a big deal in everyday life but it is obvious not to show them up in your wedding pictures. You can plan monthly waxing schedules for good results. Pros offer painless waxing solutions for soft parts of your body.