BRIDES' 30 Day Wedding Shape-Up Challenge: Day 7, Shift to Single Muscle Strength Moves

This is it... The final countdown to your big day. And along settling those last few details — figuring out where to seat your eccentric Uncle Carl, firming up the flowers, deciding on your first dance song — you're likely also making one last push to make sure the body that will be wearing that gorgeous white gown looks as good as it possibly can. You and nearly every other woman an engagement ring on her finger. In fact, research shows that an overwhelming 91 percent of brides-to-be are anxious about their weight. But from here on out, you won't have to be!

Whether you want to drop those last few pounds or look more toned — or both — we've got a month's worth of daily tips (none of which require starving yourself or working out nonstop!) that will help you feel stunning and confident when you walk down that aisle. You know where to send the thank-you card. Let's get started!

Day 7: Shift to Single Muscle Strength Moves

During the last 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding,Pete McCall — an exercise physiologist and personal trainer in San Diego — recommends doing toning moves that isolate a specific muscle, like your biceps, or hamstrings.

"I love multi-muscle exercises, because they work more of your body at once and burn more calories, but the load is spread over all those different areas. By focusing on things like weighted hamstring curls, triceps kickbacks, shoulder presses and squats you'll be putting all the work into that one muscle group. And if you're working on appearance, stressing a single muscle will get definition much more quickly."

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It might take a little longer to get through your toning routine, but the results will be worth it.